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For a common understanding and commitment

We often forget that change needs a change in our mindset and a dialogical culture

  • Do staff surveys tell you that information is not flowing effectively in your organization?
  • Is your goal to implement your strategic goals into everyday work, but how?
  • Are you looking for ways to strengthen the trust of the work community in situations of change?

We can help you develop a dialogic culture and you will succeed in achieving your goals more confidently.

We utilize dialogical methods in our coaching and consulting. 

The methods confirm the rooting of change in everyday work. 

To help understand different kind of point of views

The purpose of dialogue is not to find consensus but to highlight issues and phenomena, to observe them, to share experiential discourse and to understand what is at stake.

Building trust


Through dialogue, you can build trust between partners, customers, or staff. People appreciate and hope to listen.

Building creativity and commitment

Achieving a confidential, secure atmosphere for discussion can generate new ideas and develop action. While getting its voice heard, it is more committed to a common goal.


Working on efficiency and results

Through interaction, it is possible to find those pitfalls that hinder performance, things from happening. At the same time, they find ways to do things differently, better and more efficiently. 

The result is more productive action and the focus stays on the right things. 

Strengthen the dialogue of the organization with the TIME OUT –  method.


What is the Time Out – method?

The Time Out – method is a way of a  constructive discussion.

Sitra, The Finnish National Fund has developed it together with numerous local actors and a cross-societal development group in 2017 to make the debate on society more constructive, to have a wider audience heard, and to make more use of dialogue in different sectors of society.

The name Time Out refers to the need to stop at a genuine encounter and discussion and to consider things in peace.


Participate in the Time Out  Facilitation Training – you will learn important skills on your leadership skills or fasilitating skills. 


The training was built in 2018 in response to the high demand for strengthening dialogue skills and implementing the Time Out dialog- model in various organizations.

In the training, participants get acquainted with the Time Out model and tools, as well as the principles of dialogue, and get people to guide constructive discussions and plan the discussion using the Time Out tools.

The aim of the training package is that the knowledge of constructive discussion spreads in society through educational activities, and different parties can use the knowledge to have a constructive discussion and to promote inclusive practices. 

More information at https://www.eratauko.fi


"Thanks for the good coaching! Time really wasn't wasted!" 


“Yesterday we got to know how to conduct dialogues. we utilize the method in our work in workshops. Thank you Tarja Eloranta for a good education! " 


Are you in the need to organize a company-specific training or do you need a facilitator for your event?

Ask for an offer: tarja.eloranta@kmfuture.fi

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